The New World

The world may never be the same, but food will help. I’m not suggesting we buckle down and devour pints of ice cream or bags of Cheetos when we’re feeling blue and hopeless. I think we want to get into the kitchen and cook. Slicing, dicing, and pounding culets until they’re almost transparent will surely help ease our anger, but the gentler aspects of cooking–stirring love into soups, crimping dough for a family’s favorite pie, slipping a souflĂ©e into the oven with optimism–will help too. And most importantly, the companionship we find at the table will get us through.

I haven’t been posting much but I’ve been cooking (and calling my representatives and gardening and reading novels).

I’ll be back at it soon! In the meantime, let’s find things to celebrate. Look for the small things. I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve planed four tomato plants (from Tomatomania!) and that most of our five chickens are laying again! Oh, joy!